The 2020 Santa Fe Film Festival

Welcome to 20th anniversary of the Santa Fe Film Festival!

Get your festival passes here: There is a special price of $125 for the weekend plus Hall of Fame.

Our festival is well-known as one of the few female-run festivals with a focus on voices that are not often heard in the film industry, whether that’s our LGBTQ or Native programming, or special selections such as Sisters of Cinema. This year we’re excited to introduce our new director of programming Robin Lambaria, best known for her work with the Marfa film festival.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the fest!

Santa Fe Film Festival

Tickets for special festival events including at Teatro Paragus:

Tickets for films at the Jean Cocteau (JC):

Tickets for films at the Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA):

Tickets for films at The Screen at the midtown campus (Screen):

Tickets for the Scottish Rite Masonic Center (SRC) shorts spotlight: